Meet the Team

1Meet our dedicated team working to bring MotherBoard to fruition!

Jessica :: Founder of MotherBoard, mom of three, wife of a college professor, nonprofit consultant, and former executive director. MotherBoard is her fourth baby and the only one that didn’t require copious amounts of sleep training. She spends happy hours cheering for her kids at various ballfields, volunteering, and road tripping with her family every chance she gets. Working with this team of MotherBoarders is by far the highlight of her career.

Emily :: Mom of two spirited boys, wife of a public school teacher, full-time nonprofit development officer with a gorgeous, humanitarian spirit and unparalleled baking skills. Emily and Jess work side by side, developing our brand and social media, guiding the development of our platform, and blogging like mad. Get to know her better at her blog,

Sarah :: Expecting her fourth son this summer, Sarah and her husband are both attorneys. Sarah manages to make carting boys to 17 sports events a week look effortless while running a part-time boutique law practice, running marathons, and volunteering like mad. Sarah is our expert on all things legal and technical.

Andrea :: Mom to a bold and bright two-year-old daughter, Andrea is our hero for returning to school after 15 years in sales to launch a career as a dietician, graduating with her masters within months of becoming a mom. Committed to an active lifestyle, Andrea has completed several marathons and is a recovering rower. Her husband, a chef, ensures she is well-fed as she balances her part-time work schedule as a licensed dietician with serving as MotherBoard’s chief researcher.

Melanie :: One of our favorite mentors and friends, Melanie enjoyed an admirable career in business before taking a huge leap of faith with her husband, Toby (see next) to launch the wildly successful mental_floss magazine a decade ago. Melanie spends much of her time mentoring and supporting young entrepreneurs and helping to launch businesses as a professional adviser. Melanie keeps us all organized with her mad business planning skills and understanding of the importance of reliable processes.

Toby :: Perhaps the biggest media junkie we know, Toby spent decades working in corporate communication for Fortune 500 companies. Today, Toby and Melanie help grow local businesses with a national scope. Toby is our guru for all things PR/marketing, branding, and communication, balancing his love for design with an uncanny mastery of the red pen. When in doubt about anything from punctuation to marketing audiences, we turn to Toby.